When looking for a newborn photographer what are the first things you look for?

Cute pictures, affordable pricing or photographer credentials?
A close friend of mine said to me when she was looking for a newborn photographer 4 years ago she didn’t really know what she was looking for. “I guess I just wanted good pictures of my new baby, but when I look back now I know I should never have gone there.”
See, its so easy to turn away from slightly more expensive yet experienced photographers when there are so many people offering ‘newborn photography’ much cheaper.

When you are expecting a new baby you have a long list of things you need for them.
Pram, Car seat, Cot, ect. the list goes on. With all these items you search for quality and safety, you want to be sure that you are putting your new baby into something that is safe and has very good reviews. So why is Newborn photography not always approached in the same manner?

Your new baby is about to placed into a strangers hands, Do they know how to safely pose newborns? Are they trained in how to handle newborns and know what signs to look for if something is wrong with baby?

As a mother of 4 myself, I searched for two things, Photographer credential’s and a style that suited me. Giving someone my new baby to photograph was a big deal to me and I needed to be sure I could trust them with my baby.

Last year I completed a course that was extremely detailed. Newborn photography is a relatively new genre. While Photography itself has been recognised as a profession in the education department, there has been no qualifications or credentials required for Newborn photography. The Academy of Newborn Photography has created a course for Newborn photographers, with the help from leading midwifes, neonatal nurses, paediatricians as well as Legal Advisors and Workplace safety experts. The Academy of Newborn Photography along with this team of Professionals have been able to create an extremely informative and detailed course that you can not pass unless you receive 100% on all exams. Within a few years, this course will hopefully be mandatory for anyone who wishes to be a Newborn Photographer. When you think about it, you cant just walk into a hospital and say I want to be midwife so ill just go handle all these brand new babies but its okay cause I’ve held lots of babies before.

While I was studying and doing this course I felt like I was doing my diploma of midwifery. Yes, it was that detailed. I learnt about all Pre-natal and post-natal complications that I may need to be aware of when working with day old babies. I learnt about how to identify Newborn hyperthymia and lots of other conditions that may appear when handling day old babies. I am extremely proud of completing this course and since completing it I have been able to identify a few issues with some of my client’s babies.

I am not a doctor or a trained nurse I can not diagnose anyone! But I can explain the signs I see and recommend a harmless trip to the doctor to check.
It is extremely rare that my client’s babies have an issue that the parents are not aware of, But, knowing that your putting your new baby in the hands of someone who is trained will give you some comfort.

When you are looking for your Newborn Photographer Find someone who has the style you like and ask these questions before you ask for a price.

Are you trained in Newborn Photography and if so what qualifications do you have?

Are you immunised?

Do you have a First aid Certificate in infant CPR?

Booking your photographer when you are around 20 weeks pregnant ensures that, 1: the photographer has availability for you and 2: plenty of time to save for the photographer you want. These images are going to last a lifetime, you only get one shot at getting these images, Newborns grow and change so fast that freezing time with photographs is all we have to remember just how tiny and precious they were before they turn into toddler gremlins or moody teenagers.